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Spring fairy tips for the transition of Winter to Spring!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Spring fairy tips for the transition of Winter to Spring! This is a time of shedding, detoxing, and changing as we move from the Winter energy of being inward centered to the outward energy of Spring.

Here are some tips from the fairies:

*Emotional detox- Lighten your load. Forgive, let go of unproductive mental patterns, get rid of baggage, be present and intend to have a clean slate. Release long term resentments. Choose peace.

*Physical detox- Drink more water. Eat whole foods, veggies and fresh juices. Listen to your what your body needs. Are there simple things you can do daily? Like have lemon in your water or fresh juice in the morning?

*Physical activity- Get moving and breathing. Breath-work, yoga and cardio. Up your fitness. Get pumped. Have fun with it. Have a dance party or walk in a beautiful park.

*Goals and vision- Set goals for spring. Time management. Vision boards and masterminds. Get excited about your future. Manifest with friends! Invite magical creations into your life!

*Get out and socialize- We go through a bit of an emotional change from being inward centered to outward as the seasons change. Try new things and go new places. Explore the world and make new friends. Open your mind to watch next.

*Clear out and beautify your environment. Get rid of old stuff, rearrange, garden, plan and beautify your living space. Call on the fairies to help. have fun with this use you intuition.

*Slow down and be present with the energy of season. Listen to your intuition and notice the little nature miracles all around. The birds singing, the shapes of the new leaves etc. Are the fairies calling you to certain parks, stores or restaurants? Are they urging you to connect with certain people? Are there projects that you would like to start? Listen and take guided action steps.

Spring Fairy Intention and Blessing.

I now bless and release the winter season. I take in the deep knowledge and replenishment that I have gained in winter and move into the energy of spring. I open my heart to more action and forward motion. I am present in the joy of spring. I am excited about each day.

Envision yourself like a blooming flower ready to radiate your beauty to the world! BLOOM this Spring.

Ask the fairies to assist you in opening your heart to your spring season. Connect with earth, plants, nature and your community. Open your heart to presence, joy, and intuition for spontaneity this spring. The fairies are blessing your spring with magic and miracles!

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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