Summer Fairy Tips for a Great Summer

The fairies are blessing your summer and helping you to be in tune with the joys of the summer season!

Summer fun ideas!

*Have a picnic!

*Visit the beach, river or lake - swim or just put your feet in the water.

*Enjoy the outdoors and move your body! Yoga in the park is my fave and I like to take long hikes.

*Explore new parks, gardens, and beaches! Just do it! Get out and about! Research new nature areas to visit.

*Enjoy summer fashions, bright prints and vibrant colors. Sun glasses, hats, and bathing suits. Pick fun summer pieces for your wardrobe.

*Do some gardening and get fresh flowers. I have a great U-pick Dahlia garden by me.

*Go to farmer markets, berry picking, and enjoy fresh seasonal fruits and veggies!

Summer Sanity Tips!-

*Entertain yourself and create your own fun! We can have a lot of excitement but also summer can be lonely- all of our friends might be out of town. Entertain yourself. Make a fun schedule for yourself- plan trips, hikes, take classes and plan weekend getaways. Don't mope. Create your own fun.

*Stay grounded- Travelers, house guests, new places, and new routines. Summer can be very spontaneous! It can be easy to get overwhelmed. We try to do to much and exhaust ourselves. Do one thing at a time. Take time for your self care routine and star grounded. It might mean green drinks and yoga while traveling. Or sneaking away for some meditation and qi gong.

*Have money ready for fun. Stash some extra money away during the year so you have extra to splurge on your summer fun without stressing. Or do some extra manifesting for your summer fun expenses.

The fairies encourage you to embrace the energy of summer!

Journal on what messages they have for you this summer!

How can I really enjoy the summer?

What tips do the fairies have about summer?

What is the summer season wanting to share with me?

What are the lessons of summer?

Andrea Dombecki & the fairies!

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