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Angel Life Purpose Boot Camp

Do you feel the pull to live your passion but still feel like you don’t know how? Are you caught in a negative mindset about your purpose? Are you frozen in fear or do you feel powerless around your purpose? Do you lack confident In yourself? Are you unable to keep a consistent positive attitude about your life purpose? Have you been living our purpose already but want to continue to confidently expand?

Are you ready to embrace your life purpose in a greater way? Are you ready to explore thriving within your life purpose with the help of your angels? Are you ready to unleash the magical energetic codes of your life path?

Do you want support to help encourage you and help you get clarity about your purpose? Do you want to connect with likeminded people? Are you a healer, writer, artist, or a musician? Or are you combo of things? Do you have a VISION to bring your teachings and creations out into the world? Do you need support to believe in yourself and follow through?

3 week class starting November 3rd, 2021. The class includes:

***3 live zoom Live classes that will be recorded. (About an hour each)

***Additional mp3 recordings with angel healing for life purpose and a pdf workbook.

***Group energy healing to release persecution, fear and any negative karma around purpose!

*** 2 private sessions with phone or channeled recording option.

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Week 1- Get clear about your purpose! Clear out the cobwebs. Breathe new life into your dreams. Meet with your higher self and your angel team. Start to recognize the shadows that are holding you back. Look at your life plan before you incarnated. Connect with your guardian angels and the life purpose angels for greater healing and clarity.

Week 2- Mindset, self-esteem, beliefs, and ancestral healing. Dive deep into self-awareness with your angels. Where are you holding back? What do the angels say about the importance of your life purpose? Can you see your purpose as a world service? Can you be patient, flexible and embody unconditional love and compassion for yourself?

Week 3 Mastermind with the group and your angels! Get clear about your next life purpose action steps. Identify obstacles and set long term goals. Get excited about your vison and put yourself on a schedule! Work with the angels to set the space for your magnificent purpose to fully shine on earth!

The 2 private sessions are about an hour on phone/Zoom or you can do a channel recorded reading option(you submit up to 10 questions and then I will record my channeled answers in mp3 format).

During your 2 private sessions I will work with you and your angels to release your blocks energetically on a deep level. I will clear karma, do a life purpose soul retrieval and also help you get clear about your purpose and believing in it. During this time I will help you increase your life purpose vision and momentum!

November 3rd, 10th and 17th

Wednesday Nights 6pm CST

Get clear about your life purpose. Bring angel healing to your blocks.

Start to believe in yourself and be at peace with your life purpose.

You have permission to live your purpose and thrive.

During Class we will be working with the Life purpose angels, Guardian angels, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Ariel and Archangel Metatron. These angels will work with us in unique ways and and share their higher wisdom and energies.


Andrea Dombecki,

Andrea is an angel channeler, angel healing author and artist. She love to host group event to help people healing and evolve.

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