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Angel Life Manifesting: Keys to 5D Abundance

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Join Andrea Dombecki and Camilla Blossom Bishop for this exciting online event recording
Angel Life Manifesting: Keys to 5D Abundance
The consciousness of the planet is shifting! In turn our lives are rapidly changing! As we work with the angels during this online event we will be bringing in healing energy to overcome the fear of lack and the fear of entering the unknown in our lives. As we explore this subject with our angels we will be focusing on embracing 5th dimensional abundance.

What is 5th dimensional abundance? It is a higher state of abundant consciousness which includes more bliss and nourishment in all areas of our life. I believe as we enter the golden age the planet is shifting into this higher dimension of consciousness. We will see positive changes but we do have resistance to this change. The angels will help to dust us off and activate us to move forward with courage and higher understanding. As we dive deeper we will explore the blissful unfolding of the beauty of the universe! We are bringing in a new matrix of golden abundance.

During this online event we will have a group meditation to activate the golden codes of 5th dimensional abundance in your DNA and on a cellular level. We will work with the angels to unlock higher levels of your potential and your abundant consciousness. This will expand your possibilities and raise your vibration. Angels have a heavenly love and higher awareness and they are excited to share it with you. They love to work with us to overcome suffering and limitation. Angelic abundance includes support, love and well-being on all levels! This includes complete nourishment, fulfillment and a sense of living in harmony with the universe!

instantly receive your class replay will come in mp3 format and a pdf link to stream the video version also.

We are excited to invite Camilla Blossom Bishop to share her healing and wisdom for this event!

About Camilla Blossom Bishop:

During key points in Camilla’s life, a nature elemental magically appeared to guide her path and purpose. Each mystical meeting opened a new door: fairies and devas taught her about healing with flowers and trees and how to make flower essences, mermaids taught her how to honor and care for sacred water, gnomes assisting her in creating a Findhorn-like nature sanctuary with a Unicorn Garden, and dragons and Goddess Pele initiated her into passionate fire teachings at an active volcano on Big Island of Hawaii. These elemental adventures awakened her into beautiful states of Oneness.

Camilla dances with many beings in the subtle energy realms—elemental dragons, mermaids, fairies, gnomes, unicorns, nature spirits, The Sidhe, water devas, flowers, trees, crystals, animals, Lemurian ancestors, 13 Spirit Grandmothers, and ancestral land spirits. She’s a regular presenter at Fairy Congress.

In 2018, Camilla opened Earth School to offer mentorship, intuitive healing, online classes, workshops, Mystery School, flower essences, land energy clearing, books including Sacred Spirit of The Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place and an oracle wildflower card deck Sacred Spirit Deck. Camilla is an earth alchemist, flower essence alchemist, intuitive educator, teacher, healer, and writer living in Vancouver, WA.

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