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Angel Life Purpose Activation Class

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*Work with the angels to find clarity and receive healing around your life purpose!

* Remove blocks, bless your future and get clarity with what your next step is.

* Learn Angel Healing tools and participate in a guided angel healing meditation.

* Many are experiencing career and life purpose changes! I created this class as a way to bring in angel healing and ease throughout these happy changes! This should be a happy time but in reality we can be faced with fear- Let us work together to bring in peace, faith and self-acceptance.

*We will be strengthening our intuition and heavenly connection. Clearing past life memories that may be weighing us down. Embracing a higher consciousness perspective when it comes to the path of our life purpose.

I used to see my life purpose as a curse. I thought it was a hassle and was here to ruin me! I wished to be normal and live an EASY life. I have had to shift perspective to really know and understand that who we are is a true blessing. We can live in harmony with ourselves, the world and our life purpose. There are no mistakes in the universe.

1 hour and 30 minutes mp3 for instant download

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