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Awakening Your Intuition with the Angels Class

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Awakening Your Intuition with the Angels!

Class replay 1 hour and 30 minutes. Comes in 2 formats as a streaming replay or a downloadable mp3 (You will receive the link instantly when you download)

Work deeply with the angels to explore your intuition. Connect with the all knowing part of you!

Acknowledge your intuitive abilities and how you receive intuitive messages. Do you get visions? Hear things? feel things? Are you hearing your higher self or spirit guides? Do you ignore your intuition?

How can our intuition bless our everyday life? How can it help us when we are under pressure or need to make decisions that involve others?

Explore the nature of your soul and its beautiful powers!

I personally would love to embrace my intuition more to help me awaken to my true identity as an empowered light being!! One who is whole and contains all that is needed- I believe this is part of our self mastery!

During class I will be channeling angel messages and sharing angel energy healing and activation with the focus of exploring the gift of intuition.

*Embrace your intuition as a healing soul gift that can improve your life!

I literally believe that we have all of the answers that we could ever need through our intuitive knowing!

Journey with the angels to embrace and strengthen your intuition.

*If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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