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Pegasus Healer Self Study Course

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Connect with the the healing gifts of the Pegasus realm.

Psychic healing

Powerful energy healing for mind and aura

Heart healing
Inner child healing
Connect with Higher consciousness

Week 1
Connect with the Pegasus realm and your Pegasus Guides.
Connect with different areas on the Pegasus realm

Week 2
Pegasus Reading and Energy Healing

Learn how the Pegasus realm would like to work with you in your life.

Work deeply with the healing energies of the Pegasus realm. Meet your Pegasus healing guides and learn how they are helping you with evolution. Learn and practice Pegasus energy healing and channeling. Use these tools in your professional practice or for personal healing.

4 hours of live class time

After your purchase you will receive a link in your email to download the following:

Week 1 -2 hour mp3 and pdf of class slides

Week 2- 2 hour mp3 and pdf of class slides

Pegasus Healer course manual

Bonus Pegasus Guided meditation 20 minute mp3

If you have any questions you can email Andrea at

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