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Summer Fairy Class Subscription VIP 2023

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Summer Fairy Class Subscription VIP 2023

*Includes 3 brand new fairy classes. 1 will be released each month from June to August.

*There is also a General Summer Fairy Email reading for each month- It includes a 3 card reading from my Enchanted Fairy Heart card deck and also a 150 work personalized channeled messages from the Summer fairies for that month. You will get one reading when you sign up(within a week of sign up). Then one on the first of July and August. 3 readings total.

*3 Fairy Soul Therapy one on one readings. Fairy Soul Therapy sessions can help us to connect with the healing power of the fairy realm. Andrea and her fairy team will work with you to assist you with anything from healing grief to finding courage to move forward towards your dreams! Andrea always works for your highest good and brings a healing vibration of love that transforms the body, mind and spirit. Fairies specialize is heart healing awakening joy forgiveness, healing your inner child, connect with your creativity. Awaken your magical relationship with nature, animals and children. You can schedule these session anytime within the 3 month period of the subscription from June to through August.

* 1 Fairy Energy Healing Session. Andrea will work with the fairies to clear and balance your aura and chakras. Using fairy energy and fairy reiki to bring healing energy to your spirit and inner child. She will also help you awaken to your fairy guides and the fairy realms that your spirit is connected to release stress and trapped energy. Bring in fairy joy and inspiration. Distance session 45 minutes with written recap.

* 1 Fairy Life Purpose Activation Session. Work with the fairies to inspire your creativity and life purpose with the fairy realm. Live or recorded session focused on Life purpose inspiration and activation with the fairy realm.

*1 Fairy Soul Retrieval Session-Andrea will work with the fairies to help you to retrieve your full fairy soul power. Through society programming we have broken our relationship with nature. This means that the full joy of our nature connection may not be awakened in this life. The fairies will create a healing space for you to gracefully awaken your energetic connection to the natural world! Your connection to Mother Earth, the plants, fairies, trees and all of the animals will be once again be awakened. At the beginning of time and throughout ancient worlds such as Lemuria we as consciousness were one with the elements and could shapeshift. As we do a fairy soul retrieval we will reconnect with our elemental roots. That may be light, stone, plant, crystal etc. This session can be done live or prerecorded.

Summer Fairy Class Subscription starts-NOW- August 31st

Connect with the magic of the fairies of summer. Tap into the fairy magic of the summer season and meet your summer fairy guides! Summer garden and herb intuition. Summer flower energy medicine. Visit the Summer fairy realm, animal guides and more! Awaken to Summer with the fairy kingdom!

June 15 release- Summer Fairy Journey-Connect with the summer fairies and get ready to bring fairy magic to your season. Journey to the summer fairy realms. Connect with your summer fairy guides. Welcome fairy magic into your summer adventures! Let the fairies guide you to the best summer ever!

1 hour class recording with guided meditation lecture and fairy energy healing.

July 15th Release Summer Flower Fairy Magic- Connect with the flower fairies! Open your heart to their color healing and floral messages. Journey and attune to the summer flower fairies. Lavender, Sunflower, rose, lilies and more!

1 hour class recording.

August 15th- Lift the Veil to the Fairy realm-Connect with magic fairy earth energies all over the planet! Learn about fairy vortexes, portals, fairy doorways and more! Connect with the hidden realm of the fairies on a deeper level! Learn about interdimensional fairy travel and fairy earth healing! Invite the fairies to bless places and lift the veil to the fairy realm. Call the fairies back to places. Co-create nature healing with the fairies.

1 hour class recording.

*3 Summer Fairy email readings included- 150+ word channeled fairy message for the month. Plus 3 card reading from my Enchanted Fairy Heart Deck. You will receive your reading within 1 week of signing up. Then one each month. 3 total.

*There is a Sign in Angel Fairy Healing school portal with all class materials. You will instantly get the summer fairy workbook and blessing meditation, the summer fairy journey class, The new moon summer abundance meditation and worksheet, and the Dandelion Queen Journey when you sign up. Then you will receive your 1st Summer Fairy reading reading within a week. You will also receive access to the class in my school portal the day you sign up within a few hours at most. You will receive a separate email with sign in details if you are not an Angel Fairy Healing School Portal Member.

Archive Summer Fairies Class will be in there. Plus the Summer Fairy PDF workbook and all other classes.

Spaces are limited so reserve your spot.

Contact with any questions.

Valued at over $999 by you will only pay $495

$495 if paid in full.

Payment plan is also available for $185 each month for 3 months.(contact Andrea at

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