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Angel Journaling for Self Care!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I suggest that you choose a sacred place in your home or garden to journal. I also love to go alone to the coffee shop, sit under a tree, in the park, or sit in my car! Find a place where you will not be disturbed and you will find it is easier to connect with yourself.

Angel Journaling process:

-List all concerns/issues. Meditate on each one and write out solutions and prayers. Be thorough. List absolutely everything that is on your mind. Be relaxed and receptive to solutions.

-List all emotional issues such as a fears, phobias or suffering of any kind- example loneliness, insecurity, lack of confidence. then go deeper: Whats needed? Karmic healing? Tools? Meditations? Prayer? A book or teaching?

-List all goals get excited about future! Set career, creative and financial goals! Bless and release stress around goals! Send joy to your goals! Write down any angel advice about reaching your goals.

-Make a self care priority list! Make a list of all the ways that you care for your body, mind and spirit! Vow to take time for play relaxation and rejuvenation. Make a list of things that light up your spirit like making time for friends and creativity.

-Make a clear out list for your home and life! Simplify and de-clutter your space and activities! Be honest with yourself! What has to be faced! What do you need to make time for! Who and what doesn't feel right? why?

- Inner truth list- take time to listen to your inner self. How does it feel? What does it have to say? What are you afraid of facing? What needs to be dealt with? What do you truly want out of life?

Call in angel blessings and assistance! Reconnect with the infinite goodness of the universe!

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more. If you would like a private session you can check out Andrea’s offerings here:

If you would like to go deeper checkout Angel fairy Healing school which has a variety of classes on Angels, fairy, unicorns self-help and more.

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