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Angel Journaling for Big Change

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Angel journaling for big change!!!

Connect with your angels. Feel them with your heart. Feel your guardian angels with you. Get our your journal and make a sacred space.

Identify what has changed for you involuntarily. How can you adapt with peace and grace? Can you release judgements and fears? Can you be flexible? Can you trust that life is wild and unscripted? Can you trust the path? Can you feel the comfort of your angels? What are they saying to you right now?

Identify what changes you would like to make. What is stopping you from making them? Do you feel that they are impossible? Do you feel obligated to stay a certain way for others? Do you lack confidence in your will to change? Are you frozen in fear? What thoughts are coming up? Any feelings?

Call forth your courage throughout change.

Archangel Ariel is the archangel of courage. Work with her to increase your will and ability to believe yourself and forge forward. Lok at the emotions around change and just be present beneath your stress there is a spiritual strength. Can you connect with it?

Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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