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Fairy Messages for Beltane

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

May First is Beltane a sacred day when the veil tot eh fairy realm is thin!

The fairies have a special message about slowing down and being mindful! When we feel things going wrong- when we trip, drop things, when things don't go our way or we feel stressed and overwhelmed....... it is time to slow down be present, unite our hearts with earth and be in the now.

Align with joy and intuition, do one thing at a time.

Be grateful, really see the people and animals around you.

Be present. Be mindful. Unite your heart with your environment.

Life is a gift- appreciate it and share that. Open the fairy heart matrix consciousness in your relationships and all surroundings.

Today great day for fairy love and manifestation prayers Work with the fairies to journal or pray to bring magical hope to all of your dreams. The fairies love to bring love, romance and abundance into our lives through their blessings! Dearest fairies assist me in awakening love and romance in my life. Dearest fairies assist me in welcoming abundance and magic into my life. Now see the fairies dancing all around and bringing their magical consciousness to you. Awakening energy currents. Today ask also how can I also be of service to the fairies??? I am building a fairy village in my garden. I am also creating some fairy portals in the garden to invite them to work there with me on earth healing. They love to teach me about plants and energy healing. by Andrea Dombecki

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