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Angels Prayers for Various Things

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I see lots of people needing to heal, change and create in their lives lately.

Sunday prayer time. Relax and unwind. Connect your heart to your angels and ask for clear guidance, patience, faith and blessings.

Angel prayer for those who are looking for jobs. Asking the angels to open the way for the most perfect aligned, joyous, stable, abundant employment for you right now!!!! Asking the angels to bring powerful faith and trust. We are inviting powerful belief shifts that are coming now. The most perfect job will appear magically at the perfect and your needs will always be met. We are constantly cared for.

Angel prayers for those who are looking for new homes. Asking the angels to open the way for the most perfect home, land, boat, camper rv or whatever is your perfect home. I see it unfolding. You are safe and at home in God always. Your most perfect home is coming into your reality as your vibration becomes one with heaven on earth.

Angel prayers for those looking to create more financial abundance. I now allow the angels to shower me with abundance. I know I am connected to the waterfall of unlimited goodness of source. I am always in touch with this limitless source. Lack is not reality. Peace and nourishment is reflected in finances. The angels will work with you to feel this in all of your cells.

Angel prayers for health. The angels are working with you to activate your divine health blue print and align you with your ideal health and life flow. Harmonizing your being to be in tune with the music of the spheres universal rhythms. Bringing to surface all truths and fears... aligning with the body of Christ perfection. Surrendering to higher spiritual healing and body, mind, and spirit alignment

Angel prayers for love. Dearest angels please open my heart to love and partnership on the highest vibe level available now. Unite my heart with it's ideal mate. Perfect love between an existing partner. Help to boost my faith and surrender to the bliss of true love and companionship.

Angel prayers for loneliness. Dearest angels please fill my heart with universal love. Help me to feel complete as I flow with relationships and connection to others.

Angel prayers for the future. Dearest angels please bless my future as it unfolds to new levels of aligned bliss.... creating my heaven on earth more and more.... Help me to release fears and be excited about what is yet to come. Help me to fully enjoy the present moment.

Angel prayers for state of the world. Angels please bless earth and help us evolve with grace. Help to influence all in power in positive ways. Help us to surrender to Gods higher will and mysterious plan.

Angel prayer for all who are suffering. Angels please watch over and bless all who are suffering. I ask you to protect and bless all on earth and raise the consciousness beyond surrendering and victimization.

Angel Fairy Healing Andrea Dombecki

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