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Journaling with the fairies!

Updated: May 4, 2020

It is a great day for journaling with the fairies!

Take a moment to connect your heart with the fairies! Set the intention to make a date to connect with the fairies and receive guidance and energy healing.

Close your eyes and send a wave of hello to the fairy realm. Clearly invite them in with your intention.

Dearest fairies I would like to love to talk to you and spend time with you.

Get your journal ready and start to ask and listen. You might want to pick a quiet place where you can hear your inner voice and/or a sacred nature place such as your garden or a wooded area. Lets go!:

What fairy guides are with me?

How do they feel? Look? Do they have names? Are there plants and animals with them?

Are they showing you any visions?

What advice do they have for you for today?

How long have they been with you?

How can the fairies uplift your life? Do they have messages about life purpose? Home? Health?

Do they recommend any books, hobbies, activities or movies? How do they suggest you can raise your vibration? Fairy feng shui? Garden decoration?

Any advice about Creativity? Caring for animals and children? How have the fairies worked with you in the past?

Do you have a fairy history lineage? Do you have memories of ancient fairy lands such as Avalon? Elysium? or Tir Na Nog?

Now ask the fairies how you can help them? Do they have any tasks for you or would they like any healing prayers? The fairies love when you bless nature areas and spend time to love the animals and earth- be kind to all.

Thank the fairies for their guidance and friendship! Plan to continue to make space for them in your life.

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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