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Monday Journaling Exercise

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Journaling with your angels is a great way to start your week!

In your journal write:

Dearest angels please bless my week!

1) Make a list of all worries regarding the week and ask the angels to bless each one. Thoroughly list everything on your mind.

2) Ask the angels to go before you and make your path smooth. Meditate on any stress energies that you may feel such as fear or anxiety. Ask the angels to harmonize all energy and help you see the root causes and bring healing.

3) If there is anything that you would like to manifest this week make a list of those things. And release them to the angels with love and excitement.

4) Ask the angels if they have any advice for your week. What is your next step? What would be a good focus? Take a moment to listen to your angels and write what they say.

5) If there are any on-going stressful situations that you have ask the angels to help you manage them and ask what your next step is? Take a moment to write down the angel guidance that you receive.

6) If there is anyone that you are having issues getting along with ask the angels for advice on that. You can make a forgiveness list and ask for karmic healing. Ask the angels to help open everyone's hearts.

7) Now ask the angels if they have advice on how to increase health, abundance, and happiness in your life this week. Take note of their advice. They may suggest a play date, nature walk or just penciling in some ME time. They also may suggest a specific book, movie or contacting a friend. Just listen and take note of their advice. Remember angel advice should always feel uplifting! When you have a good angel connect you will feel a sweetness in your being.

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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