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10 Steps to Help You Move On

1. Be present. Practice acceptance. Let go of nostalgia and resistance to the present. Look for good things in the now. what are you happy about right now? How can you bring more joy?

2. Be honest with yourself. Are you holding onto something that is no longer right for you? Why is it hard for you to face the truth?

3. Be grounded. This is also about being practical and rational. Have a good attitude. Be kind and well adjusted. Be productive.

4. Practice self love. Self love means patience and unconditional love for yourself and all of your feelings.

5. Connect with a higher power.

6. Consciously let go and bless all.

7. Allow space for transition don't expect that place to stay empty. Trust that new opportunities and joys are on their way. Flow with cycles of life.

8. Trust the process of life. Remind yourself is good and you will always be loved and cared for.

9. Release negative emotions like guilt, regret anger, and judgment. Choose to be well adjusted and joyful. Let go of your ego.

10. Send love to all. Past, present and future. Love is a healing balm for everything.

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