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5 Abundance tips that I learned from Catherine Ponder!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Catherine Ponder is a unity church minister that teaches about abundance! Her book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity is truly a spiritual gem! This book has helped me to stay empowered in life no matter what my circumstances may be! It is a book that I pick up again and again!

Here are 5 Abundance tips that I gathered from her book:

  1. Visualization! Take time to have positive day dreams. Vividly see, imagine and feel your best life scenarios! See yourself successful and victorious! Visualize health happiness and success. Be specific visualize your bank accounts growing joyously. Visualize yourself looking in the mirror and being your ideal weight. Visualize large amounts of cash. Visuals checks, direct deposits and money coming to you in all forms visualize vacations, new clothes and furniture. Visualize things that you desire. Have fun with this and get excited your radiantly joyous emotions boost your manifesting power!

  2. Forgiveness! Release toxic feelings towards others. Release hatred, blame, and resentment. It is only blocking your own flow of goodness. Take out your emotional garbage. I forgive everyone and everything. I also forgive myself. They are free and I am free.

  3. Release negative talk. This includes complaining and talking about negative theories about life. Consciously talk about happy things. Focus on gratitude, magic, fulfillment and the good things of life! Make your own affirmations and say them regularly. Harness the power of your words for your own victory in life! My finances are in divine order. I am healthy and empowered in my life.

  4. Make a plan. Get clear about what you want out of life! Write out your goals. Make a plan. Create a vision board. Make lists. Write your ideal life story. Write out your 5 year plan. Keep rewriting your plan. If you have a setback keep going and write a new plan. Make sure that your plan matches what you really want out of life. Make a plan for independent wealth, incredible success or whatever lights you up.

  5. Connect with a higher power! Know that God wants you to be abundant! Write a letter to your angels ask them to help you. Pray and know that you are never in it alone!

Thank you Catherine for this amazing book and your amazing life’s work!

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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