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5 Steps of Emotional Self Care for Your Saturday!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

1. Forgive all and make peace!

State mentally I forgive you and please forgive me to your parents or any other family members that you are not at peace with. Forgive everyone that you have worked with, been friends with or had a relationship with. Anyone that you feel you are not at peace with. Forgive anyone you blame, felt bullied by, or you felt mistreated you. Are there any situations that you are not at peace with from your past? Forgive life, forgive others and forgive yourself. Choose to release bitterness and resentment. Return to a state of innocent love and peace.

I forgive all and I am at peace with all.

2. Thought repatterning

Replace an unpleasant thought with a positive one consciously. I am worried becomes-I have faith. I am scared becomes I am safe and happy. I hate my life becomes the world is my oyster! I feel stuck becomes I am free and full of promise! I am a victim becomes I am empowered! I can’t let go becomes I can easily let go. I am annoyed becomes I am nourished in each moment by life.

I am in charge of my thoughts. I think with the higher mind of God.

3. Embody the Super Empowered Version of you!

Think: What would the super empowered version of you say, think and feel? This idea helps us transcend victim consciousness and feel confident about living our best life. Most human problems come from feeling powerless. When we cultivate our confidence it gives us the courage to embrace our best life.

I am a powerful unstoppable being! I visualize success now!

4. Gratitude

Look at the magic and happiness all around! Take inventory of all the things that are good about your life and the world! Open our eyes and really see things with love. Open your heart to all of the goodness around you!

I am grateful for my life and everything that has gone my way.

5. Choose the Present Moment

Be totally present in the NOW. Take inventory of how you are doing. Pray about stress. Say an affirmation for inner peace and journal and meditate on all things that you are not at peace with. Acknowledge that today you have the power to change your world! What will you choose to bring to the world? The simple act of saying a prayer or smiling at someone changes the universe! You can take control of your energy by choosing to take part in a higher vibe activity such as meditating, expressing your creativity or communing with nature! Let's create a beautiful world!

I choose to do enjoyable things right now! I choose to be nourished in life! I am safe in the world. My life is in divine order. I am loved.

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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