• Andrea Dombecki

5 Ways to Transcend the Matrix

5 ways to transcend the matrix of human limitation and your own personal matrix of limitation. Our world is filtered through our mind. If your mind is limited your world seems limited. Consciously expand your mind. As we evolve we are naturally craving to connect with our greater self. We are yet to seek and truly embody our greater self while still in our human experience.

Being stuck in the matrix can make us feel powerless, burnt out or even trapped. It is because we are denying the truth of our being. We are magic miraculous beings that possess endless creative potential. We are not what we have accomplished, how much we have accumulated or where we have been. We are a codex of creative possibility. As we release the ego we can keep expanding into true abundance of possibility. This is what we are truly craving, to remember our birthright which is to play with the infinite energy of the universe..

When we are stuck in the matrix we can't fathom solutions. Our problems seem impossible and we feel like we are in an endless loop of suffering. Whether it's feeling stuck in a job we hate. Feeling like we can't ever get ahead financially. Or maybe we feel stuck in the same relationship dramas of being annoyed and feeling victimized by the people in our lives. When we realize it is just the mind trap of the matrix we can step beyond it all. We can move our consciousness into a place where we can move forward and embrace peace and bliss.

Are are some simple ways to transcend the Matrix:

1. Affirmations and belief repatterning. This helps us to make new thought patterns and welcome new empowering and joyous ideas in to help create changes in our reality. This helps to spark our true boundless nature. 2. Intention and visualization. This helps us to break out of what we think is possible. This inspires our latent creative power. It also helps us to own creative power and practice using it. 3. Breathwork and body movement. This helps us release feelings of being stuck and limited. This also helps us unite body, mind and spirit, so we are connected to our full power. 4. Reading and learning. New ideas expand our mind to be creative and see more possibilities. 5. Doing new things, going new places and meeting new people. This helps us to experience new thoughts and vibrations that inspire our spirit. The spirit has no limits. When mind is united with spirit it feels boundless. When we feel passion for life we naturally step out of the matrix.

Andrea Dombecki

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