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Angel Advice to Stay Well-adjusted this December

  • Stay grounded. We can do this by just visualizing that we are in our body fully with a cord goin down to the center of the earth. We can do EFT tapping, ice compresses, yoga, nature walks dancing, or crafts(or anything using your hands like sculpting, building or gardening). Listen to your being about the best ways to ground. Grounding makes us feel calmer and decompresses stress.

  • Practice forgiveness- affirm oneness and unconditional love. You can make a long forgiveness list. I forgive all and ask all to forgive me. My heart is at peace with all. I am one with all.

  • Practice gratitude. Focus on the good and it grows. I am grateful for everything good in my life.

  • Take time to listen to your intuition. You can do this through meditation and journaling. Ask yourself specific questions. Listen for answers. I listen to my gut feelings. I talk to God about my challenges and take time to listen.

  • Take time for self care. Book a massage, a reading, take time for yoga, take time to just veg out and rest. I making time for healing and rejuvenation. I deserve all good things.

  • Play. Take time for movies, good food, friends and laughter. How do you have fun? Sometimes you can just take a few minutes to read something. I make time for fun! I take breaks and take part in joyous activities.

  • If you are going through any challenging situations in any way such as loss of loved ones, sick family members, financial or health struggles etc. Take time for prayer. Ask for help... take it easy don't be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself your feelings. Take time to feel comfort from a higher power or from other people. I embody strength and grace.

  • This is a time where people can feel lonely or be sad about where that are at in their lives look for a higher perspective. Align with the present version of you and your life. Release self pity or stinkin thinkin. Live in the now with hope and joy. I know God loves me and I am whole. My angels are all around me and I am never alone. I open my heart to love. Ask how can I serve and bless?

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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