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How to Get Grounded

Throughout the past years I feel grounding is really important for mind and body harmony. As light workers or spiritual beings it is easy to get ungrounded and travel around the world as a spirit or on the astral planes.

Here are some reasons why you might have resistance to grounding:

We might have started at a young age to use being ungrounded as a coping mechanism. Maybe as a little child you would just check out when life was unhappy or scary. This translates into adulthood as becoming ungrounded when we don't have tools to deal with conflict. When we don't know how to speak up for ourselves, have boundaries or how to keep ourselves safe on all levels.

We don't know how to manage our energy or psychic gifts. Our energy can feel out of control or in shock. Like our aura is really open and we get hit by too much energy. learning meditation and other energy management tools will help with this.

We can become ungrounded if we were severely hopeless or depressed. We feel like we're not where we want to be or are happy in our life. We don't you know to shift our energy or fix our circumstances. This can happen when we get in a rut or for lightworkers we can get caught up in the harshness of earth and get homesick for higher realms

Because we faced a tragedy or loss.

If your birth was traumatic or you were born into an unsafe environment.

Being stuck in places that we don't want to be. This can be triggered by an abusive relationship or being stuck in a horrible job. Just being in situations where it seems unbearable in order to cope we separate ourselves and we detach. We don't feel powerful enough to make changes in the physical realm.

Another reason we become ungrounded is because our life is unhappy we might have had a lot of heartache and then we just become detached from our human self. Then when we come back and we try to ground we have a lot of memories of our life.....maybe we have resistance to that and it is hard to face.

An accident or illness might have made us leave our body partially. It's really important to call our full soul energy back.

Ask what are the situations that made me ungrounded. Explore how to ground. Explore why you are ungrounded. You can do a Life review on this topic.

Start to do practical things to ground like

Work on your feet. Reflexology and massage Do yoga and breathwork Set the intention of grounding Bring yourself in through your crown chakra or partially close the crown chakra so it's not too open. Be out in nature. dance and move in fun ways. Make a safe environment to call your full spirit back and be grounded.

Do things you love like art, music, and expressing creativity. Be around people and animals that you love and that you feel safe with to be grounded in your world.

Andrea Dombecki

Angel Fairy healing

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