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Summer Faerie Treasure map

Are you following the faery nudges???

What is a faery treasure map? It is when we listen to the faeries and follow the clues they give us..... this helps us to stay in the flow of life and awaken magic!

Ask yourself:

What message do the faeries have for my summer? Then take time to listen to the faeries deeply.  You can journal or meditate with them. Listen for their ideas and instructions.

 What do they have to say about your summer? Take time regularly to listen for faery advice about summer!

How can you bring in luck magic, and abundance?

Do the fairies have book and movie recommendations.

Do they want you to hold a faery class? Attend a faery class? Have a faery tea party?

Do arts and crafts

Activities with others? Party and entertainment.

Cooking? Recipes. Tea.

Ideas for your home?

Do they want you to give a gift or do a favor?

What you their messages about gardening and nature? Travel?

Do one faery guided activity and then see what happens.....Take note of if you get more ideas....see if you can sense more fairy magic and luck around you?

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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