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Ascension Energy Report 2023

Wow I am feeling major light codes of evolution pouring into the earth the past few days. I had to write about it to help move through it and hopefully this will help others.

Here are the aspects that I felt comin up and tips on managing them:

Release resistance as these codes of light ascension energy are purging old shadows and whatever we believe to be in our way. This can come up as tension, pain, restlessness, being ungrounded, feeling trapped in our body or disconnected from our body. We may have resistance to the truth of the changes that we need to make... or the places where we believe what we really want isn't possible. This may also include earth karmas of struggle, enslavement, or dominance. Our body is transmuting all of the old ways of being and suffering. We can move our body to release resistance. Shake, dance or take long walks. Breathwork is also great. Relax and be fluid! Water also helps with this. Baths, showers, swimming and being by water. Salt water is also very clearing.

Difficult Emotional Memories- You feel like you are reliving old grief and unkindness that you have experienced. Times where you felt out of place or suffered. Be strong and face this. Know that you got through it and it made you wiser, stronger and more compassionate. Release judgement and realize everything is happening to evolve you not crush you.

Fear can be rampant! Archangel Michael is helping us to dissect and clear the core energy and emotional blueprint of it. You can drum, sing and walk outside. Listen to your higher self on how to move through it. Remind yourself fear has no power. Reading prayers and listening to healing mediations, or watching funny or cute things are also great ways to healing fear.

Life review- We may be reviewing our deep traumas... there is a deeper processing of the things we felt throughout our life. This helps us to come back to the body. Practice self-love nurturing and patience. Honor the wisdom of your higher self here. It knows what you can handle. When we process our stuff more we will feel heard, more grounded and also we start to understand ourselves on a deeper level than before.

Powerlessness- feeling outward forces control us. Taking our power back is key here. We may feel trapped by limitation of matter or society. Realizing that we are infinite consciousness! We can bloom where we are.

On the other side of this we will feel enlightened, have confidence on a soul level, feel in touch with our soul magic, we will feel our inner child joy and wholeness returning. We are here to be leaders. We are here to care and activation the codes of higher consciousness on the planet.

You may have big visions. It important to embrace them... as we are stepping into innocent faith as the creative visionary. We each have a part to play in the creation of a better world. We are being de programmed from all limitation.

Be the Medicine- These ascension shifts may be pushing you deeper into healing. Listen to your higher self. You may be guided to immerse yourself in healing and study. Or you may be guided to channel healing. Lightworkers are being called to share more knowledge... set up classes, centers and be leaders in healing.

Andres Dombecki Angel Fairy Healing

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