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Angel Prayer Guide

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Make a clear request asking the angels to help you. You may want to hold your hands in a prayer position, light candle or take a few minutes to really connect and ask. Then state this or something better for the highest good of all in total lovingly and perfect ways. You should feel an energy shift after you pray such as a peaceful energy surrounding you and more emotional peace around what you are praying for.

If you feel your prayers are not being answered you may want to look deeper. We can pray for higher understanding, divine timing and divine will. Patience, trust and flexibility is needed. The key is to not get all worked up if things aren't happening exactly as we want them to. Trust that we are safe within the process of life. A higher force of goodness is at work. God's goodness is in tact. Breathe and be present with the fear. That is where the work really needs to be done. Fear shows us things that might not necessarily be true, such as projecting worst case scenarios. Making us feel powerless and even desperate. We are just dis-connected from our sense of love, peace and well-being. The key is to stay connected to faith and peace amidst change and uncertainty. Life is always changing. We can be centered in the light of peace at all times.

If you are praying for a physical healing is your body still teaching you something? Are you getting the message? Are there lifestyle changes that you know you need to make? Do you have boundary issues or limiting beliefs that need to be shifted? Do you need to do deep healing on the past? Do you need to forgive and let go? Do you feel worthy of well-being? Are you gaining something from health issues? Are they a good excuse to not so certain things? Are they getting you attention and love? You can dig deeper though journaling and meditation. Relax and allow the healing energy come through.

If your prayer is to move homes or jobs do you still have work to do in your current location? Land healing? helping people? Communing with the nature of that area? Helping children or animals etc? Do you believe that change is possible? Are you refusing to see all of the possibilities available to you? Are you having trouble letting go and moving on even though you know you need to?

If your prayer is to meet your soul mate are you still learning self love? Do you truly want to share your life with someone or are you afraid? Do you have negative programming from family or past relationships? Do you need to forgive your parents or your past partners? Do you trust that others can and will love you? Is your heart really open to this? Are there still things that you want to achieve independently before you commit to someone else?

If your prayer is for debt or finances to be healed do you truly believe that it can be healed or are holding on to it super tight? Sometimes we can build up so much fear around finances that we can't relax and allow them to flow. We can dig deeper on our financial belief systems. The things we tell ourselves repeatedly or the limitations that we took on. Let us bring more light into this area and break down those harsh energies and thought forms that are locking us into limitation around money possibilities and peace.

If your prayer involves someone else remember everyone has free will. We cannot control the lives of others. We can send blessings but ultimately they are choosing. We do not have control over certain things. We can pray for someone and sometimes we must allow people the space of free will and let go. Ask what is my place?

If the things that you are praying about bring up a lot of fear and desperation bring self lvoe to that and be present with yourself.

I hope this helps everyone remember to ask and pray for things to be healed in their life! Sometimes answered prayers take years but they are worth the wait. Keep the faith, look deeper and connect with the loving universe! Your angels are by your side. They are pure love consciousness and they help you to shift into this state also!

By Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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