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Angelic Heavenly Consciousness Shift

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Your angels have good news for you! The suffering and stress that you may be feeling is a call to shift your consciousness. Your angels are helping you to shift your consciousness beyond suffering. Buried within stress and struggle is the call of your soul. It is calling you to your true state of heavenly consciousness. Heaven is right here! Look within yourself.

Resetting to the consciousness of our soul. Your soul is always at home in its heavenly energy. We can break the veil and bring this energy into the forefront.

Reset to Innocent faith. We may have seen a lot of struggle, loss and heartache in our life. Lay down your burdens. Look with eyes of joy once again.... remember...... like you used to before all that stuff happened to you? Take inventory of if you have become bitter, closed off, unable to receive and see the continuous beauty of life all around you. Look deeper.......... all of your experiences have given you wisdom. Hold compassion for yourself and others. Reset to love.

Ways to connect to heavenly consciousness:

1. Affirm the truth. Through spiritual study and meditation we can seek a higher view of reality. We can affirm that heaven is right here. I am a sovereign spirit. My consciousness is at home in heaven. I am playing in human form but I am safe and the universe is filled with light. 2. Visualization. Your world is filled with possibilities that you can choose to see. Can you see the potential that your world has for beauty and joy? Simple ways to do this are to imagine your home filled with beauty, color and light. Visualize things that make your heart sig such as delicious foods, flowers, beautiful pictures or furniture. See yourself going to beautiful places. Visual happy things happening. Visualize the people in your life smiling and happy to be alive. Visualize yourself being immersed in the richness of life. 3. Prayer and intention. Call on a higher power to help you. Take a moment to say a heartfelt prayer and ask for help to see heaven in your life. Ask for assistance to shift your mind to heavenly consciousness. 4. Do what you love. Our actions are powerful. When you do what you love you bring positive energy to your life and the entire world. You have the ability to create beauty. You can do this through loving actions or literally creating beauty. Cooking, doing art, making music, crafts, building, gardening or decorating are a few ways to do that. But there are endless choices. Express your creativity. You can ask yourself how can I bring heavenly beauty into my life? 5. See beauty and be grateful. This helps us to open our hearts and see heaven right here! Look at what's going right in your life. Be grateful for loving relationships. Your needs being met, your home, food and employment. Appreciate your possessions. See the beauty all around you..... plants growing, colorful sunsets and pristine mountains. etc. Open your eyes and heart to really see the beauty and feel appreciation.

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