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Are you clear about who is allowed near you?

Updated: May 1, 2020

My new philosophy is if someone doesn't wish me well they are not allowed near me. This has taken a while to solidify. It means not allowed in my aura or consciousness, not allowed physical or even digital contact. It might of mean blocking or telling off etc. It may seem like a no brainier to some but it took me a while to really master this. It includes:

Having a back bone

Trusting my inner knowing

Self respect and self honoring. Guarding my being and trusting my feelings. Holding others accountable for their lack of respect or even exploitation tendencies. Holding others accountable for their meanness, blame or projection Holding myself accountable for what I enable and my lack of clear boundaries.

This is a deep aura and psychological healing for me. Part of my life path was to get treated like shit a lot and just take it until I grew a backbone.I am solidifying more self respect and personal power in a grounded mature way. Such a deep lesson that I may have been learning my whole life, as these lessons were seeded even in my birth family. As a sensitive person I had to make friends with my inner warrior. I feel safer in the world on all levels and my voice is freer. I've faced endless bullies for years until I finally got the message. I am finally in a place where no one treats me like shit. For years it was that mean boss coworker, or family member, tormenting me or using me. Different names and faces but same vibe. Poof the lesson is learned and the culprits have vanished. I do feel this is the end of a karmic cycle. Whew.

We must all have compassion for our different karmas and not compare or judge. Some of us have health karma, people karma, success karma, life purpose karma, abandonment karma, grief karma etc. Deep karmas must be faced but there is a diamond beneath the coal. Keep loving yourself and going deeper.Only you can bloom in your own life. Make the best of what you've got.

Andrea Dombecki

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