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Are You Tangled in the 3 D Matrix?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I wanted to talk about getting tangled in the matrix or the 3d reality. This happens when we forget our magic and the magic of the world. We lose our faith or we stop believing on ourselves. We start to believe in limitation, science and facts. We may start to get caught up in fears about the future or feeling like we are caught up in situations that are impossible to fix. We may experience terror, depression and anxiety.........all we see are obstacles and limitations yet our spirit yearns for it's true state...

We see the world as 3D and we see our self as powerless beings.

Don't fret.... just step out of the matrix.

Open your mind/ 3rd eye to the unlimited possibilities of God. How? Prayer, meditation, creativity, potion making, manifesting, journeying, nature, plants flowers, animals, inspiring books and movies... Remember the awe and magical miracle that you are and that life is. Open your mind and step out of all limitations. Look deeper and find the magic. You were naturally connected to the magic as a child.

You are not meant to feel limited, hopeless or fearful. You are meant to feel filled with expansive possibility.

I'm just saying this is what I feel happening in the collective consciousness. When I looked deeper this is what I got.

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