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Be True to Yourself and Your Healing Abilities

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I've been getting the message for all of us to be true to yourself and your light work abilities.

As a healer I have to be true to the fact that I am super passionate about energy healing and psychic healing. I've been feeling that a lot of us who are into this were psychic healers in Atlantis and on other planets. I do feel star beings from other planets are more into light medicine and energy healing. Multidimensional healing has always worked for me. To work deeply on the full soul energy grid.... clearing karmic wounds and negative energy patterns.... working deeply with light and spiritual energy.

Going deeper into the holistic self. As a healer be true to yourself. We keep evolving. Connect with the modalities that are a vibrational match or create your own. Keep seeking. Healing and wholeness is your birthright. Step out of the human health matrix of fear and limitation. I'm saying this because I am owning this more without resistance and I feel this is happening for many of us.

I am an energy healer and that's what works for me.

I scan and heal the body grid through intention and I work with a light team of spiritual beings. I know I was a light doctor star being in other incarnations. There is more shame about galactic's less pc than angel healing, but I feel it's beautiful knowledge opening more and more. I do feel galactic beings of high vibration are connected to the angel realms. We are on the cusp as a race of opening infinite higher knowledge about healing. Be present, believe and allow these miracles to come.

More and more I feel main stream medicine is failing humanity.

(We are bullied into not questioning it) More and more the infinite knowledge of healing is floating in the ethers....people are channeling it. It is very accessible. I believe our physical and emotional challenges are not a random predicament but our greater self calling us to seek higher understanding, to seek our healer purpose. We are never victims of circumstance. Our higher self is bringing us towards our destiny at all times on our life. Some of us have this with health or manifesting. It can show up as powerlessness, lack, or illness etc....What does mastery or sovereignty mean to you?

We are on this path and there is no turning back...embrace it all with an "I will overcome" attitude. Each of us has a piece. A diamond in coal. We are all connected as a soul group. I'm routing for each of you. Solve the spiritual enigma of life in physical reality. Bring higher understanding to us all. Andrea Dombecki Angel Fairy Healing Andrea is an angel healer, fairy intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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