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Every challenge that you face is part of your path

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Every challenge that you face is part of your path on the journey of the wounded healer or shall I say hero..... your losses, your heartaches, your insurmountable obstacles are all part of the learning. Life is the school. When we transform our challenges into beauty, when we bloom where we can we unlock the secret of life. But alas this takes time and experience.

Every challenge is a raw seed of potential to bloom healing and knowledge.

We are not a victim of circumstance left alone here to suffer, to be loveless, to be lacking or mistreated. That is not us. Every circumstance is an opportunity to unlock the raw potential of the soul. Unleash the wild power of your vast spirit. Follow your passion and your rightness. Embody self love, kindness, respect for all of life and most of all be committed to seeking the greatness that is the truest soul expression blueprint of your destiny....yet you've always existed in the fullness of our eternal never left it's grace. Laugh at it all and allow the space for yourself to rise.

Let go and let life do it's magic.

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