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Facing Fears Healing with Archangel Michael

Updated: May 31, 2022

Let's face and release our fears with Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is a powerful angel that can help us to overcome fear in our life.

Are you ready to dive into fear healing with Archangel Michael?

Identify each fear. Face, clear, release. You can EFT it, send angels to it or take fear energy and disperse into nothingness with your intention. See archangel Michael and his sword of light assisting.

What fears are running you?

Common fears: Fear of bad luck, things going wrong, chaos. Fear of loss of loved ones. Fear of betrayal. Fear of physical danger. Fear of loss of possessions- house, job, money, security. Fear of future, fear of unknown. Fear of suffering or sickness. Fear of bad energy- possession, negative spirits, darkness etc.

Honestly look at the fears that are running you. Face, clear and replace with love. You can do EFT tapping, breathwork. you can also imagine that the fear is being pulled out of your consciousness and replaced with love. Ask Archangel Michael to assist. Fear has no power! Fear is an illusion You know how you can fear something for years but it never happens? That is the perfect example. Do you confuse fear with intuition? If it is a long standing fear you might have to repeat the clearing as the fear energy can sneak back in. Archangel Michael is here to assist with clarity and empowerment. PS. This is great for kidneys and digestive organs as that is where we can store fear. Andrea Dombecki Angel Fairy Healing

by Andrea Dombecki

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