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How to Become Financially Abundant and Debt Free Spiritually

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Ok so this is a big issue in modern day society. I am feeling finances are evolving into a higher consciousness. We may experience this personally as financial fears and challenges. Hang in there and do your spiritual work! Here are some ways to work on your financial reality from a spiritual perspective.

1) Release your baggage. Look at your stories, your resentment, blame and anger. Where is your energy focused? Are you holding on to toxic ideas and memories? How can you let go of negativity and shift your beliefs? Shift the way you see the world and what it has done to you! Release your story of victim hood and change it to one of victory. I am a big believer in spiritual purification. We can do this through cleansing our mind and energy through love, forgiveness, prayers, affirmations or mantras.

I usually find people with built up resentment can have debt. The resentment could be of the debt and the money system itself. The resistance to the debt blocks the way for the universe to dissipate it! I find it is very important to clear all beliefs and negative energies around debt.

I am loved and life is on my side. The goodness of life is all around me. I drink in the love of the universe. The universe can clear my debts effortlessly. I allow the universe to work through me to bring my finances into divine order.

2) Financial confidence. Are you getting paid enough? Do you feel comfortable about money management? Do you feel confident about money in general? Take time to ask for what you need. Plan, set goals and have clear intentions. How can you align with your highest financial path? Do believe that you will be guided about how to pay off your debts? Do you think that is possible?

You can also use your tools to boost your confidence. Some great tools are visualizing, feeling, listing, affirming and praying.

I am financially confident. I believe in my ability to create financial wealth through guided action.

3) Financial karma- I'm a big believer in past lives. I do believe many of us were victimized by money in past lives. This could mean being a slave or indentured servant. I mean look at the history of the planet. You can also look at your karma around specific financial issues like you debt. This can also be tied into issues of low self esteem and lack of self worth.

Angels please help me to overcome my financial karma NOW.

Here are some past life themes to clear and bring healing to.

Past life as a slave.

Past life as an indentured servant.

Past life in debtors prison.

Past life with financial stress

You can face it, release, overcome, and evolve. This helps with debt clearing and bringing in financial harmony.

4) Get a higher perspective! Listen to your intuition. Connect with a higher power. Ask for guidance and trust. I am a big believer in prayer and blessing. This helps us overcome fear. I also believe we are being guided by a higher power in all areas of our lives at all the times. That includes your finances! I love reading books on spiritual abundance and truths. Trust your intuition about about what teaching would help you to feel empowered in this area.

Abundance it always in tact. Abundance is a state of mind!

The lord is my shepherd I shall not want. The universe is good and is always looking out for me.

5) Do good deeds. Give back. Be the change that you wish to see in the world. This could mean donating food or planting trees. Creating and/or giving magical gifts. Volunteer work. How can you bring love to the world??? When we give and live in service we get into the universal flow of resources.

6) Self care-Take incredible care of your mind, body and spirit. Say positive things. Do high vibe activities. Eat healthy and exercise. Think positive things. Read positive things. Fill your time with life affirming activities. Be a beacon of positive energy. This will attract good luck including financial luck! Art, music dance, nature and expressing your creativity are some simple ways to awaken a positive vibe.

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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