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How to Do a Self Retreat

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Take gentle time for you. If people are home you can stay in one room of your home to isolate yourself or ask everyone to give you the living room for a few hours. Your retreat can be all day or just a few hours. Intend that it will be a time to really be present with yourself and decompress.

Plan your self retreat. Here are some categories to explore.

Therapeutic rest. Naps with crystal chakra healing(place crystals on your chakras), listening to guided meditations or relaxing music. Taking a bath. Resting in a hammock or rocking chair with a beautiful view.

Writing and reading: Journaling, affirmations, and positive reading. Prayers and poetry are great. Sometimes I gather a pile of inspiring books and I read a little from each one. You can also write out prayers or free form thoughts. Write your goals or your forgiveness lists. Journaling helps us move our thoughts and feelings.

Connect with your angels and other spirit guides to receive messages through meditation and journaling. Slow down and listen deeply. What is spirit telling you? Who is connecting with you? What are they saying? Take time to really connect and receive downloads.

Look at beautiful things like beautiful art or flowers. Make a sacred altar or medicine wheel.

Clear energy or burning or brewing herbs. Burn sage, palo santo, or a white candle. You can also diffuse essential oils or make a brew by boiling cinnamon, lemon and other herbs on the stove.

Body work: You can do this on yourself or get a session from a professional. Reflexology, nuero lymphatic massage, sound healing(tuning forks, drum, singing bowl), head massage, EFT tapping or do a mani pedi for yourself.

Engage your creativity art, sewing, clay, or anything creative that lights up your spirit. Art journaling with stamps and collage. Make a vision board, do some drawing or painting. Beadwork, jewelry making, macramé, woodburning and crochet are also great ideas.

Music- play music or do sound healing. Drums and singing bowls are great. Make playlists of music that heals your soul.

Support yourself with essential oils, sprays or flower essences. My favorites lately are rose water and lavender essential oil. I also have a bunch of flower essences for confidence, forgiveness and more.

Get out in nature if you can. Look at the sky, touch trees, look at the shapes of leaves and flowers. Feel the spirit of the earth beneath you. Look at the birds in the trees.

Body motion, breath work, stretching, pilates, yoga, dance, or gentle strength training. Unite body, mind and spirit. Work on posture and being present and in your body. Clear your aura.

Energy healing Do some reiki, pranic healing, eft, theta healing, angel energy healing or whatever you are drawn to. You can also listen to a self guided healing.

Make yourself some delicious food and maybe some herbal tea. I love to make fresh herbal tea with mint or chamomile you can also add food grade floral waters to you tea.

Entertainment that feeds the Soul- Dive in into a novel or movie that feeds your soul.

Take care of you.

I give lots of suggestions. Listen to what your being likes. You can do lots of things or just a few. Be present with yourself and receive nourishment. Communicate with your inner child and ask them what they love to do!

Andrea Dombecki

Angel Fairy Healing

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