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Leprechaun Messages about Ascension, Abundance and Manifesting

I am going to channel the leprechaun kingdom now to receive some healing messages for us about ascension, abundance and manifesting. I find this is a prominent subject that many need healing for right now. Leprechauns specialize in manifesting and abundance! They love to help us!

Leprechauns what do we need to know about this subject?

Message from the Leprechauns: Many of you are clearing ancestral patterns of limitation when it comes to manifesting. We were programmed to work really hard, to struggle and be limited in our ability to receive!

We have not be trained to manifest or told of our unlimited nature to create abundance in our lives!

What you can envision you can create. There is no limit!

Align with love and flow!

Principles of abundance

Innocent faith

Belief in magical abilities of manifesting

Joyous and loving will to create beauty and happiness for all!

Good intentions Universal flow

One with the universe

Pure energy all around us! We connect with it through our mind, intentions and actions etc

Leprechaun Abundance Meditation

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Get in a comfortable position. Release distractions. Intend to connect with your leprechaun friends. Envision them dancing all around you! See them sprinkling you with gold fairy dust! This is awakening your true abundant nature! Feel it awakening in all of your cells . Feel the excitement!

Feel yourself letting go of any negative energy that is blocking your ability to receive unlimited abundance in your life!

See yourself waving your hands..envisioning and creating good things all around you! See rainbows appearing in your world and pots of gold. The leprechauns are continuing to joyously dance all around!

Leprechaun manifesting exercises

Pots of Gold- See pots of gold appearing all around your world! In the street as you walk. In your living room, in your bedroom, kitchen and even in your car! Blink and then see them appearing all around you!

Rainbows of Abundant consciousness- See rainbows around you activating the highest and best abundance in your world. Feel the joy!

Leprechaun gold vault- Imagine that the leprechauns are taking you to a gold vault and you can take as much as you would like. There is an unlimited supply

Leprechaun checks- See checks with Leprechaun art on them! Large checks coming in the mail being handed to you! Feel the excitement and see the big amount on them!!

Leprechaun bank account blessing- See the leprechauns blessing all of your bank accounts with abundance!

Leprechaun debt clearing magic! See the leprechauns using their magic to.....poof make all debts disappear!

Leprechaun Manifesting power golden activation- Feel the leprechauns blessing you

Manifesting wand. See the Leprechaun giving you a green clover wand for manifesting.

Leprechaun Manifesting chamber- See a green diamond like chamber instilled with leprechaun manifesting consciousness. Step into it and hyper focus on seeing, feeling and envisioning all that you would like to manifest.

Leprechaun Manifesting school - See this school on the fairy realm! You can travel there to learn about manifesting with the leprechauns !

Your leprechaun friends are excited to connect with you more!

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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