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Self Empowering Things

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Now is the time. Do the things that uplift you. Things that are life affirming. Things that make you face your fears and your insecurities. Put yourself out there. Do things that you always have dreamed of but thought impossible. Say no to BS excuses and yes to the blissful possibilities of life. Take baby steps. Apply to things- like better jobs, opportunities to travel, speak, and share your skills.

Speak up to those that bully you or try to take advantage of you

Get fit!

Go out and socialize. Reach out to others and make new friends. Be vulnerable and open-hearted with people.

Create things like art, crafts, food and share them all with others!

Do an open mic night or poetry reading Dance or be part of a theater

Have an art show.

Visit new places.

Enroll in your dream school or class.

Meet your role models.

Revitalize your environment.

Speak your opinions and your inspirations

Write your novel or self help book.

Create a board game or invent a product

Make your dream travel plans

Speak up, show up....add beauty and kindness to the world Shine bright. People are waiting for you. Only YOU can create your happiness! What makes you feel alive? Time to live like you mean it. You are here for reason. Own that.

Andrea Dombecki AngelFairyHealing

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