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Sunday Journal Manifesting!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Are you ready to spend some sacred time with yourself and your angels on manifesting this Sunday? Get out your journal and know that this is sacred time for you to check in and get clear about what you would like to call into your life. Reset yourself your energy to positive and get clear about that you would like on your life!

Get into a positive stay of mind! You can do this by taking some deep breaths. Affirm peace and happiness is here and now in your life and that you are ready to awaken more goodness in your life.

Call in your angels and feel their presence with your heart. Envision yourself surround by white light.

Make a forgiveness list and a gratitude list. You can also make a blessing list. Bless everyone and everything. From your heart send love to the world. Make peace with everyone and everything.

Ask yourself clearly what you would like out of life. What makes you happy? How do you want to feel about your life? Do you feel you can have it? Do you feel that you deserve it? Do you believe it is possible? Make a list of negative beliefs that you would like to release.

Make a list of your ideal life with joy. Be thorough, feel it and send love to it. Cover all areas: Home, health finances, work, travel, leisure, projects etc.

What really lights you up?

Art, music, cooking, dance, science, nature, crafts, sculpting helping others, herbalism, philosophy, writing etc.

What can you do to step into the magical flow of life? How can you raise your vibration and upgrade your reality? How can you be true to yourself? How can you open your arms and receive endless goodness?

Visualize it as if it already here. Feel it as real and already here. Imagine all of the details. Awaken innocent joy! Open your arms and receive it all with your heart.

by Andrea Dombecki

Blessings for a magical Sunday!

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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