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Synopsis of The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

It is an important time to think positive and use our tools. I am putting together a blog based on a Synopsis of the ideas of my favorite Prosperity book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. Go over these ideas regularly to create lasting abundance and well-being in your life.

1. Abundance is divinely ordained. Abundance is your natural state it is not shameful or guilt ridden. It is ok to desire it because it is your sovereign birthright. Heavenly abundance on earth

2. Give to receive, give gifts, do good deeds. 3. Release the old, clear out, and realign. Release old jobs relationships fully clean your closets. Release unhealthy thoughts of resentment bitterness make room for good. Prepare for good. Make a vacuum for it. 4. Harness your creative manifestation power! Write out your plans. Get clear about your goals. Write a letter to your guardian angel. Make a vision board, A 5 year plan. 5. Visualize. Get a clear mental vision of your success. Daydream envision. Imagine feel see your dreams coming true. Feel them and radiate that positive energy. 6. Command with clear intention. Ask. Affirm. 7. Law of increase. Water your garden. Envision everything multiplied for yourself and others. Increase is contagious! Think of increase instead of hard times or doubt and limitation. 8. Prosperous attitudes Money is divine. Pray about finances. Make money your servant. 9. Work is divine. Your right work and joyous work. Your real work is at hand. "Work is love made visible"- Kalil Gilbran Make the most of where you are at. 10. Tithing. Ancient law of giving back 10% to charity. 11. Love and Good will. 12. Financial Independence plan. make peace with God wanting you to be financially independent. 13. Prayer 14. Genius powers solve your problems with intuition, creativity and confidence. You are amazing! 15. Your magical powers. Inner vision, hearing and feeling. all of these higher senses help to guide you towards your dreams coming true. 16. Self confidence. Build up the confidence in yourself and others. 17. Cultivate Charm kindness and positive energy. Avoid Gossip and complaining. Smile and spread joy. 18. Release Debt. Clear toxic belief systems and bitterness. Practice gratitude. Get your affairs in order. Release discord which causes indebtness. Deliberately think big. 19. Health through love and positive focus! Focus on divine health and well being in your body! 20. Persistence. Keep going! even if you have a setback continue using your tools and believing in yourself. Keep envisioning.

by Andrea Dombecki

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