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There is No Force Against You

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

We don't have to fight any outward enemies whether that be government, big pharm, tyrants, or bullies etc. Rise within your own don't have to fight against anything. The best defense is a heavenly state of mind. Take a deep breathe and connect with the Kingdom of Heaven within. You have yet to know your true identify.

Embrace the truth that no enemy can rise against you.

You are blessed and protected. No need to feel threatened. You are safe. There is a mesmerism on the planet that there are forces against you... trying to ruin you, steal your freedom and make you suffer. This is a lie, a hypnotic belief system of lower consciousness. Just be the witness and watch the forces that mean harm create their own ruin. It is their karmic lesson and we don't have to play the game. Rise in your own consciousness, know you are safe in the universe. No force against you is real. You are one with infinite peace. This is 5th dimension and higher consciousness. There is nothing to fight.... there are no opposing forces. Goodness will always win.

Take a deep breath and click within to a higher inner sense of safely and stability.

We are all united in oneness. The outward is a reflection of the inner. Be still. Be clear. Be diamond- like.

Lots of love

Andrea Dombecki.

Angel Fairy Healing

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