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Thought Healing with God and the Angels

The following are corrective thought prayers to help resolve negative thought and energy patterns using the white Light Christ energy, God or universal love. The all-pervading Goodness of the universe. I also added angel thoughts for each. Notice how these ideas make you feel as we explore common human fear issues. Each fearful stressful thought is followed by a positive God centered thought to replace it. I use God and Christ as power words to anchor in the light or higher consciousness.

For Home issues. My home is in God now and forever. I am fully cared for nurtured and housed by God. My home is an expression of Christ. My home is filled with Gods love. My home reflects Gods love and support. I am at home in the mind of God. Angels are watching over my home and helping me to feel at home on earth. Angels are bringing love to my home issues.

If you feel harassed by someone. I am encircled by Gods love and peace. I am safe in the aura of God’s Love. We are all one mind. There is no personality such as this in God. I am safe in Christ. Angels are protecting me on all levels. There are no enemies. No one can hurt me or steal my peace. I am encircled and protected by Gods perfection.

If you fear your body will fail you. I am the body of Christ. I am immortal spirit. My body is a beacon of Gods light. I am Gods perfect thought. I am united with Christ. I am a divine idea. I am a perfect ideas of God. A perfect thought of God. Angels are helping me aware of how to manage my health and feel safe within my body.

For money stress God is my financial support. God’s love is all encompassing. God knows my needs before I do. God is always present. God created an abundant universe. Angels are blessing all aspects of my finances. I am abundant in Christ. Only abundance exists in the mind of God.

For Regrets. There are no regrets in God. All is God's perfect plan. I am blessed by God's direction. I see myself as God sees me, confident and victorious in life. I am Gods loved and perfect child. Christ’s idea is intact in my life.

For Indecisiveness- God's will is in charge. God's will is clear and Angels guide me. I surrender my life to God. My mind is one with the mind of God. There are no conflicts of will – only divine will. God perfect path for me is now shown clearly.

For Loneliness. Gods love and care encompass me. I feel encircled with love and I belong in the universe. Millions of angels are with me. My heart is full with Gods love, I am whole at all time. I bask in the loving radiant of Christ. That is my eternal home.

For fear the future. Gods love and support is ever present. My future is watched over by angels. I am safe. God goodness is unfolding in my future. I exist in Christ,

For peace within the body. Christ is health and physique. My body is a blessed vehicle of spirit. God is my body. God only creates perfection. My body is the perfect expression of the Christ idea. Millions of angels are blessing my body.

For bullying. God is my strength, protection and power. All are united in God. There is no personality such as this in the mind of God. Millions of angels are helping me to navigate all conflicts. We are all one. We all have one will and divine harmony is intact.

For trusting people. God’s love is present in all. God’s love is intact in all human relationships. We are united in Christ. I am safe in Christ. Angels are protecting me and my interests.

For blame. I am powerful in God. I claim my peace and prosperity now and forever. God protects me. All power is in God. I have God centered confident in my life.

For worrying about others. God’s love surrounds all people. All are safe in Christ's love. I assign angels to watch over everyone.

For fear for the world- God’s love is present in all space. The world is blessed by God’s love. We all live in the mind of God in truth. Millions of angels are surrounding me and helping me to feel safe in the world.

If you can’t forgive, or are critical and judgmental- All people are Gods children and this is God’s world. I see with Christs' eyes of peace. I see heaven and angels all around. All humans are holy beings. The world is blessed.

If you fear change- God's love is ever present and ever expanding. I am here to shine the light of heaven.

For letting go of the past. -God’s love is right here and now. I ask the angels to go back in time and bless my past.

If you can’t stop thinking about a past traumatic event. God’s peace is with me now. I am safe. All else is an illusion. God's love is the only power in my world. Angels are helping me to heal my heart and they are surrounding me with healing love.

For physical or emotional pain- God’s harmony is ever present. Pain doesn’t exist in God. God's love encompasses me and holds me in divine harmony. There is no pain in God. I am a perfect expression of divine intelligence. Angels are singing to me and helping me to live in peace and harmony.

For resentment All are God's perfect children. We are one in Christ. Gods love is ever present and washes away all darkness. I am safe and fulfilled. God’s radiant love is always available to me. I claim it and exist within it. I open my heart and mind to Christ peace now. It cannot be taken from me. I am nourished in God. I am at peace with all. I am protected. Gods love is more powerful than all victim stories. I am whole and my nourishment is unending.

For stress Relief God’s love and stability is here. I am grounded in God’s loving path for me. My life is stable in God. God’s peace is all around.

For missing a deceased loved one. God’s love is always surrounding me. God’s love is in my heart. God is my family. God is my friendship. God’s love is always comforting me.

For jealousy and comparison We are all aligned with Gods goodness. We are each connected to an infinite stream of Gods love. We are a perfect thought and blueprint of creator. We each now express our God given potential fully freely.

For loneliness- I am loved and safe with God at all times. God fills all space with love and goodness.

For nostalgia- There is unending love in the now. I exist in Christ’s unfolding peace. That peace is my only realty and it is intact right now.

For guilt- You are a perfect child of God. You never did anything wrong. You are angel like, pure innocent and childlike in God’s eyes.

by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is an angel healer, fairy intuitive, author and artist. Would you like to stay connected? Join Andrea’s newsletter to stay updated on new classes, blogs videos, specials and more.

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