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Transcending the Matrix

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

When you are in the matrix you have a false sense of security that comes from self sacrifice and conformism. When you leave the matrix you have a fear of survival or even insanity but once you get past that you can enter sovereignty or heaven on earth. Being present and whole in an expanded spiritual state of goodness. This is all based on separation or duality. When we exit duality we exit the matrix. When we ascend into a higher spiritual vibration or embody our higher self in human form we are are truly entering 5d. This involves shattering paradigms. Laws of time, space and possibility will dissolve.

Open your mind and allow the new reality in. The old is breaking down. Be present. Be aware. Allow yourself to release old programming. Live from the heart and trust the process. Be a witness. Know you are sustained spiritually from within. Breath, go deep within to plug into your true self and keep seeking higher intuitive wisdom. What a ride this is. Learn to enjoy change.

Connect with the angels of ascension for assistance. If you are dealing with fears about the future face them with love. If you are feeling incapable of dealing breathe and change your inner dialogue. Study uplifting things to encourage your mind. If you are carrying a ton of burdens right now cast them to your angels. Know that you never walk this earth alone. Lots of love to everyone.

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