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Transformative Angel Prayer

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Angel Prayers are power requests for angel healing for specific things. When we say an angel prayer the angels work behind the scenes to bring about the divine will, peace, comfort and blessings. Angels help us to awaken from the illusion of fear and embrace our true heavenly existence.

Angel prayers for health and well being Dearest angels please instill me with radiant health and well-being. Angels help me to be in tune with my body and to create radiant health within it.

Angel prayers for money management and peace. Angels please bless and manage all of my money. Please pay all my bills now and forever and help me be ever open to God’s infinite abundance. Help me to feel nourished financially. Help me to be at peace with my finances.

Angel Prayers for relationships Dearest angels please bless all my romantic relationships. Angels please bring me my perfect mate. Angels please bless my existing romantic relationship. Angels please bless my relationships with all family members and friendships. Angels please bless my relationships with all coworkers, bosses and clients. Angels please bless all of my relationships and help me to be loving and compassionate. Help me to see my divine purpose within each relationship. Help me to awaken to relationships that are based on heart centered oneness.

Angel prayers for friends Angels please help me to meet my divinely chosen friends. Angels please help all my friends to get along, help us all to communicate with love and enjoy one and another.

Angel prayer for healing traumas Dearest angels please help me heal my entire life. Please go back in time and comfort me throughout all harsh times. Help me to make peace with my past.

Angel prayers for embracing your life purpose Dearest angels please help me say yes to my highest good and live in alignment with my highest purpose. Help me to play my part in God’s plan.

Angel prayer for faith Angels please instill my heart with faith. Help me trust that everything is working out perfectly. I am safe and all is well. Help to trust that my future is blessed.

Angel prayer for debts being paid

Dearest angels please pay all my debts in full. I see the angels now flying away with all debts!(take a few minutes to really feel this. Consciously release the energetic burden of the debt to the angels.) Thank you!

Angel prayer for protection

Angels please protect me. Please protect all of my family, loved ones, and pets. Please protect my home, car and all possessions. Angels please protect my interests and well-being. Thank you.

Angel prayer for balance and relaxation

Angels please help me to have balance in my life. Help me to get enough relaxation, fun and nourishment. Help me to be in the universal flow.

Angel prayers for forgiveness

Angels please help me to forgive all people who I feel have hurt me. Angels please help me to forgive myself. May I be at peace with all. I now call millions of angels of forgiveness to be with me now. I now forgive all with an open heart. I now bless all.

Angel prayer for decision making

Dearest angels please help me to make the perfect decision. I ask the angels to surround my decision and help me to see the best choice clearly.

Angel prayer for travel

Dearest angels please bless this trip with your infinite love and protection. Angels please bring more joyous travel into my life. Angels please bring me the time and money to travel. Angels please assist me in manifesting my perfect vacation.

Angel prayer for jobs and work

Dearest angels please help me to find the perfect job at this time in my life. Angels please show me where I can be of most service to the world right now. Dearest angels please help me to have a peaceful workplace. Please bless the location and all coworkers.

Angel prayer manifesting Angels please help be to become truly empowered and realize that I am the creator of my life. Help me to manifest beautiful, blessed things in all areas of my life.

Angel Prayer for personal empowerment

Dearest angels please help me to feel empowered in the world. Help me feeling loving power and assertiveness within my being. Help me to feel victorious in life.

Angel Prayer for psychic clearing

Dearest angels please help to connect with God’s infinite mind of peace and clear my mind with light. May I rise about lower energies and thought forms.

Angel prayer to recognize and strengthen your will. Angels help me to see my truth clearly and not be influenced negatively by others or the world. by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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