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What to do if you feel like your prayers are not being answered.

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

What to do if you feel like your prayers are not being answered. Whether you are asking for love, healing, financial stability, career satisfaction, inner peace, a specific manifestation or a circumstance to change...... there are so many lessons at work. Hang in there and keep doing your soul work. Look deep and keep the faith.

There are many aspects at work:

Divine timing. I find that we go through different cycles and we are not always blooming. We must honor and flow with all cycles. You can connect with your higher self and ask what cycle am I in right now? How can I honor that? Where am I needed? What should I focus my attention on? Being flexible and intuitive about the cycles of our lives. Learning through long suffering.

Deep clearing of karmic lessons.

Deep healing of negative beliefs about self worth, abundance and our ability to receive.

Negative energy sent to us- like conflicts ,curses or energy from people that want to control us- this is about taking our power back.

Soul retrieval from loss, grief and defeat. Patience so that we don't force the wrong things. This is important especially for love, jobs and houses. We want the perfect alignment. That means being patient.

Problem solving and financial healing are all about faith, patience and trusting life's cycles. We are going through earth school to gain deep soul wisdom.

We work with the subconscious mind and higher self to really look at what's in the way. Sometimes past abuse and trauma can stop us from receiving new good in the now. Sometimes we tell ourselves we want things that aren't truly in alignment with us or that we aren't quite ready for.

Conclusion.... keep seeking to fix, heal and manifest your life. Honestly if things were too easy you might get bored. Use your tools and meditate regularly for higher perspective from your infinite self.

I wanted to write about this to keep the conversation open and for everyone to understand that most of us are in a state of wanting something!!!! Let us bring more peace to this issue.

Be grateful for what has gone right in your life and trust the process of new blessings that are on their way....

P.S. When we get one of our wishes more will come. We have to learn to feel whole throughout the process.

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