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5 days of Financial Healing and Kindness with the Angels

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Day 1 Financial Emotional Space.

Take a moment to check in with your emotional space regarding money. Take deep breaths, you might want to have a journal handy. You might want to imagine that you are really grounded.

To ground you can imagine that you are fully present in your body- sitting on a couch in the center of your head. Feel the earth beneath your feet.

Take time to be honest with yourself and also your true feelings about money in your life-Identify fear, resentment, or negative ideas in your emotional space having to do with money.

We are going to work with the angels to bring healing and grounding to our financial emotional space. Start to look at the things people told you about money since you were little. " I cant afford that" "bills are stressful" "it's hard to make money"etc. You can also look at the energies around money. Stinginess, hoarding, fear, anxiety etc. Just be present and observe. Know that you can release anything that isn't love and truth. Can you bring the energy of joy, happiness, love and excitement to your money emotional space? The money system has corrupt parts and this trickles into our lives. Money can have toxic emotions attached to it. Let's us focus on bringing light to all of these issues both personal and global. How can we bring peace and kindness to money as a group? Let us set this intention in our lives and then ripple it our into the global community.

Bringing love and joy and peace to the money system now! Praying for all to have financial peace.

Day 2 Financial Kindness

Take a moment to meditate on what financial kindness means to you.

Bring sweetness, contentment, joy, and service to the concept of money.

See money as love and support.Take a deep breath and feel the angels with you bringing the energy of kindness to the idea of money in your life.

What does that look like? Sharing. Generosity. Tithing. Nourishment. Peace. Safety. Happiness. Overflowing goodness. Meditate on all of the good things that money can do in the world as a tool. Bless all money and bless all people.

Feel the energy of financial kindness in your heart then swirling out into you aura, then your life and the whole world. Feel the cherubs flying around you and shining bringing heavenly kindness to the money in our lives, the idea of money in our consciousness and the whole world!

Blessing all with financial kindness today! Feel gratitude for all of the financial abundance in your life and in the world. Bring love to all areas of money fear and meanness.

Your true state is love and peace. Notice anywhere in your consciousness where the idea of money is pulling you out of that state.

Make a list of all the financial kindness that has been shown to you in your life. Such as gifts, dinners, raises, bonuses, parents paying for your school, car or other things. etc. This can be from other people or from the universe! Be grateful and acknowledge the goodness of it all.

Day 3 Financial Forgiveness

Today we will be focusing on doing a financial forgiveness list.

On a piece of paper or in your journal. Make a financial forgiveness list. Do you replay financial losses from the past? Do you harbor financial resentment against your family, friends and employers? Do you blame others for your money stress or why your haven't reached your financial goals? Who do you blame? Do you replay financial stresses from the past?

It is time to forgive people, situations and yourself regarding all money issues from throughout your life. We want to deeply clear out these resentful memories to make room for financial peace. As we let go of these negative ideas we make space to receive true abundance which is the natural state of the universe. Be present with yourself and allow the memories to come up.

Breathe and use your tools- like EFT, prayer, breath, intend to clear the vibes etc. Know that this may be uncomfortable but it is good to face and release these things so they don't run you! When I first did this I felt the emotions so deeply within my being it was painful! It can be very emotionally charged and it could take a day to process so take some time for this! All power is in the now. Your life is primarily about you and your relationship with the universe, nothing and no one can stand in the way of your birthright of abundance. You are living in an overflow of God’s goodness. No one can take this abundance from you. Are you in touch with this truth or are you making someone or something more powerful than it?

Ask the angels to help you open your heart to forgiveness ask archangel Michael to help you release all financial cords that you have to people or places that are bringing you down. We ask to bless all involved and to release with love.

Day 4 Financial Confidence

Today we will be focusing on building our financial confidence. Are you ready to feel good about money??? Yesterday we cleared out our baggage! We are here on earth and we use money so we might as will embrace that in a confident way!

Do you feel confident with money? What about the different aspects of money? Managing money? Making money? Saving money? How do you feel about your money story, future and history? Do you feel big or small? Maybe a mixture of both?

How can you build your financial confidence? There are many tools-Affirmations, prayers, meditation, journaling, intentions, reading books on this subject, listening to lectures and hypnosis is great! Trust your intuition and see what tools light you up Dive in and face your lack of financial confidence! Are your financial fears running you? Imagine you are bigger than them and crushing them. They are just ideas that you feed. Release them all now. Replace them with ideas of confidence and dominion! Maybe you used to be confident with money and then you had a few things happen and you lost your confidence! That's ok! Forgive yourself. You can be confident again! All you have is right now! Choose to affirm: I am joyously financial confident now and forever! I have dominion over money in my life! Asking archangel Michael to help you cut through any fears, illusions, and negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck and unhappy with money. Stand tall in your power and dominion! You are the master over the money in your life! Boom!

Day 5 Financial Oneness

Today we will be focusing on the oneness of finances. We are unified in this area. A higher power is in charge. We are not alone. We are all in it together. Collectively we are ready to shift and upgrade the energy of money on the planet! Money can divide people, make people feel bitter, alone, competitive and resentful. This can result in hoarding, distrust and separation.

I now wish financial harmony for all! I see the whole planet entering a higher financial consciousness. Say a prayer for at least 5 people that you know for financial abundance and peace. Say a prayer for financial harmony for the whole planet. Say a prayer for everyone: your family, your employers and everyone both past and present. Include clients, customers or any one else that you exchange money with. Do you believe others can bring you down financially? Do you believe that you are connected the financial collective consciousness? How can you shift that in a positive way? Can you bring positive thoughts to the collective? How can you be a channel of financial abundance for the planet? Let's be present with a clear intention to bring light to all of the financial issues on the planet!

Angel Life Manifesting: Keys to 5D Abundance

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