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7 days of Fairy Christmas!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Day 1 of 7 days of Fairy Christmas!

Today we will be connecting deeper with the fairies, elves and other elementals of Christmas! We will also be meditating on the roots of the Christmas holiday and how they relate to fairy traditions. Take a moment to open your heart and soul to the fairy magic of Christmas. The Christmas Holiday is based on many ideals in the fairy realm- love, generosity, magic, togetherness celebration and nature.

Origins of Santa Claus- adapted from St Nicolas of Myrna- A monk known for his goodness and generosity often depicted with animals. He shows the fairy traits of community and giving. Fairies flocked to him and I feel he was like a male version of Snow White. He was a powerful example of love and kindness. The fairies read the kindness in your heart and remind us that kindness heals all, ourselves included.

Christmas elves-Mentioned in traditional Christmas folklore from throughout the world. I have also felt the elves bringing happiness, inspiration and creativity this season!! Let's connect with them now!

The North Pole- A magical fairy land.Many tell stories of the North Pole. Do you think it is a magical fairy land? Perhaps on a higher dimension?

:Listen to my North Pole Guided Meditation here:

Christmas trees, Holly and Mistletoe -Evergreen fir trees were used to decorate homes and brighten spirits during the winter solstice. The idea of bringing the evergreen into the house represents fertility and new life in the darkness of winter. That's where the tradition of hanging holly, ivy and mistletoe in our homes this time of year comes from. They are the few flowering plants at winter wintertime. They hold special significance. The fairies remind us of the plant spirit medicine aspect of the Christmas tree tradition.

Winter Solstice and Yule. Yule:

Year end celebrations from various cultures. Winter solstice is the darkest day of the year with the least sunlight. It signifies the end of the old and the beginning of the new! It was also a time to pray for and celebrate peace on earth.When I asked the fairies about this they say it is a sacred holiday- a time to regroup and realign with love. A time for blessings the earth and our community. A time to celebrate the light within and the magical creations in the new year yet to come. Check out this article on tradition ways to celebrate these holidays

And remember to pay attention to Christmas time messages from the fairies!!!

Day 2 of 7 days of Fairy Christmas! Today we will be connecting with the fairy miracle heart opening energy of Christmas. Let's take time to realign with love through blessing, gratitude and forgiveness. This helps us stay in the spirit of the season and cleanse our hearts of all woes! Feel the fairies assisting you to lighten up and bring in positive energy!

Forgiveness You can make a forgiveness list, say a forgiveness prayer or have a forgiveness ceremony. Think of all people and situations you are not at peace with and send forgiveness.

Gratitude You can make a gratitude list, say a gratitude prayer or have a gratitude ceremony.

Blessings You can make a blessing list, say a blessing prayer or have a blessing ceremony. Think of all of the people, places and things that you would like to bless. Cleanse your heart and soul as you get ready for Winter Solstice. As we release our burdens we get ready to embrace a wonderful holiday with an open heart!

Day 3 of 7 days of Fairy Christmas! Today is about fairy gifts. Get into the joy of giving. Giving gifts opens our hearts! The fairies inspire us to give intuitively and make special homemade gifts! Today let's meditate on what gifts are calling us! Do the fairies want a gift also? Will they give you a gift? Stay aware of what happens because today is about giving and receiving gifts. Can you bake someone cookies or make a handmade card? Are you being called to get a special gift? Let's take time to listen to the gifting inspiration of fairies now.

Day 4 of 7 days of Fairy Christmas! Today will will be focused on the joys of Christmas baking and foods with the fairies. Let the fairies inspire you. Maybe it is to make a special food, buy a special food or gift a specific food to others. The fairies also help with food presentation such as special dishes, cups and table clothes. The fairies inspire us to create magical dinner parties and fairy tea parties. They help with decorations such as fresh flowers and herbs in vases. Today is the celebration of the food with the fairies! I have memories of the Christmas punch my mom always made with ginger-ale, orange sherbet and frozen strawberries. it was a tradition. What are your favorite Christmas foods? I would make Lasagna, knishes, vegetarian pigs in a blanket! I love to bake cookies and brownies for family and friends. I plan to start a new tradition of making a yule log cake. Let's listen to the fairies for inspiration now.

Day 5 of 7 days of Fairy Christmas! Today we will be celebrating the plants and animals of Christmas. We notice these plants in decorations, art and foods. The pine trees, holly, peppermint, ginger, mistletoe, cocoa etc! Pay attention to the plants of Christmas and what they mean to you! How do they make you feel? Are they communicating anything? Holly feels very feminine to me and goddess like. Evergreen trees feel very masculine and protective.Peppermint and cocoa feel playful reminding us of our inner child. Mistletoe celebrates love. Do the fairies have any messages about this? Maybe you are inspired to make an herbal tea or to bring someone a pine wreathe. Listen to what the plants fairies of Christmas have to say. They may have instructions for you about how you can deeper connect with them. Take time to listen. Let us also explore the animals that we see this time of year. We may see them in season art and folklore. We notice them on wrapping paper and Christmas cards. If we live in the a rural are we may actually see these animals. For me the animals of this time of year are the polar bear, penguin, white wolf, cardinal, white deer, reindeer, white owl and white bunny. Let us take a moment to meditate on the messages that these animals have to share with us. Today lets send love and blessings to all of the animals and plants of Christmas time. we are grateful for the joy that they bring us.

Day 6 of 7 days of Fairy Christmas! Today we will be celebrating Fairy Christmas activities! What are the fairies inspiring you to do today? Walk in nature? Do crafts? Listen to music? Bake? Play cards? Meditate? Knit? Bird watch? Star gaze? Play music? Watch a special holiday movie? Remember you are the creator of your own happiness!!! How can you multiply fairy Christmas magic through your activities this holiday season? Do the fairies have any ideas for you? Take time to listen! Today I went for a long fairy walk! I saw many beautiful plants, trees and leaves. A gnome like man passed me on the road and pointed out a holly tree but he called it mistletoe. Hmmm was this interaction fairy inspired or was this person a fairy? Sometimes fairy-like humans talk to me about plants and art randomly especially when I am immersed in my fairy work! Then I started to look for mistletoe out in nature. Later I am gonna do some more crafts, art and maybe knitting.

Day 7 of 7 days of Fairy Christmas! Today we will focusing on the healing power of Christmas and celebrating this with the fairies. Take time to make a special fairy Christmas wish. You can write it out on paper and put in on your fairy altar or in a sacred place.Meditate on the how the fairies experience Christmas. Share the happiness and love that is expressed. The fairies celebrate and bless all of the children. They encourage peace on earth, love, forgiveness, and divine connection. It is a time to reset to love and our true priorities.

Christmas Fairy Prayer

Dearest fairies please bless my Christmas with magic and love. Help me to feel the blessings from above. Bless my home and family. Bless my life with love and purpose. May I feel true JOY. May I be of service to the earth. May my heart join with all beings. May the earth surround me with her love as all the plants, trees and animals rejoice. We are all one! Merry Fairy Christmas!

by Andrea Dombecki. For more information about her work with the fairy realm visit She offers Fairy Readings and a self study Fairy Healer Course.

Andrea Dombecki is an Angel Channeler, Fairy Intuitive, Reiki Master, Theta healer and an artist. She offers personalized healings and classes for your spiritual development. You can visit her website at: www.angelfairyhealing.comFor access to Andrea's free angel meditations and sign up for her newsletter go here:

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