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A Time of Forgiveness!

Forgiveness is important right now. Forgive everyone and everything!

Release ego. Release all expectations, disappointment, and grudges. Make a giant forgiveness list. Be thorough. Go back to childhood.

Say, think and feel. I forgive you. I bless you. I forgive myself. Ask the angels to release all negative attachments and karma. I am free. I am at peace. I am one with all. I live in the heart.

Look at why you are holding onto un forgiveness? Forgive and then integrate boundaries, self empowerment, self respect, and honest communication. Look deep at your bitterness, lack of confidence, comparison, and misunderstanding. What are the hidden lessons? Ask your angels to release and negative attachments and break karmic contracts. Own your power to live happily right NOW.

Know you are free and peaceful. No-one can curse you, oppress you, control you or damage you. No-one can give you bad luck or "ruin your life" so to speak.

Say to yourself. I forgive and release all. I stand in my power and sovereignty. I am going to live a happy life! I am no longer making any excuses or blaming anyone.

I choose to be centered in my soul joy now! I am empowered happy and free. I am at peace with all others. I am aligned in my soul happiness. I am in the rainbow pillar of my soul joy. I am independent yet interdependent in a joyous way! I am happy and at peace with all!

Dearest angels surround me with love and peace now. Help me to forgive all and be at peace. Help me to awaken the joyous reality that is my true state. Help me to be at peace with all. Please assist humanity in entering a higher state of unity consciousness. Help us to feel God's love and support. Help us to be at peace with one and other and be united in Christ. I ask the pink angel of grace to surround me now and waken a higher heart consciousness. Only love is real.

Andrea Dombecki

Angel Fairy Healing

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