Are you an Angelic Starseed?

Updated: Jun 19

Angelic Starseeds keeps coming up in my mind. Basically it is a type of soul origin. I'm gonna do some channeling on it. ANGELIC starseeds have come to bring light, compassion and higher teachings of healing to earth.

If you are an angelic starseed you:

  • Are probably an energy healer with a deep desire to shift the consciousness of the planet in a positive way.

  • You feel a driving desire within you to bring healing to everything around you.

  • You find yourself clearing energy at a young age maybe at schools, parties, homes everywhere you go like you can see a darkness that needs light.

  • You sense darkness and energy attachments on others since a young age.

  • You are drawn to energetic healing modalities, angel guides and angel energy. You also work with light, color and healing feelings.

  • You can journey to other planets and realms, remember your past lives, and you have a deep desire to learn healing secrets and find solutions.

  • At times earth feels foreign and harsh.

  • You have a highly developed 3rd eye which means you are very clairvoyant and have visions.

  • You also have powerful manifesting abilities that you may have suppressed to fit in.

  • You may have been made fun of for speaking your own language and talking to yourself and living in your own world. You were often called spacey.

  • You seem to have an inner light that attracts others. You may often find people staring at you like they see it.

Angel Starseeds thrive in peaceful environments. Calm households, being around gentle people, music, art, plants, and animals are all very nourishing for them. Spiritual healing, prayer, holy teachings, meditation, nature and being around other angels starseeds are all great ways for them to feel balanced on earth.

As an angelic starseed you will feel more well-adjusted on earth when you are doing your life's work such as writing, teaching, healing, art, music, channeling, activist etc. If angelic starseeds try to conform too much they will feel disconnected from their life force and wholeness. Their path is one of individuality and leadership. At times that can be lonely. If they embrace their independence and personal self empowerment they will learn to enjoy it and also help others to embody it. They are on the forefront on shifting consciousness and helping to upgrade human lifestyle.

Angel Fairy Healing

Andrea Dombecki

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