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Angel Curse Clearing

Angel Curse Clearing is an important clearing that we can do with the angels. This is good to do if you feel you have bad luck. We can get cursed by people intentionally or if people are just mad, annoyed or jealous of us they can send us curse energy that can stay in our aura. This can happen from breakups, family rifts falling outs, job drama, you name it! Human conflicts can cause these negative energies! Lets clear them now with the angels NOW. That is why blessing energy is so powerful!

Love all and bless all! Asking all curses to be dissolved and hearts purified. If there is any curse energy at work in your consciousness that is bringing you down let that be cleansed now.

I now bless and release anyone that I have cursed in the past present and future. We can curse people unconsciously when we feel they have done something that takes our power away or have infringed on us in some way. When we are mad at people in general we can be cursing them. Let's me super aware of our energetic intentions. I now release any curses that I hold in my energy field. I know that I deserve better and I can reset to the light and peace that is my true state. I bless all with love, luck and abundance.

We are all one.

Angel Curse Healing Prayer

Dearest angels please release all curse energy from my aura now and bless me and all involved. May my heart be purified of hate and blame. May my soul be bright with love and peace. May I forgive myself and own my space. I now release all curses and align myself with my highest stay of being. I ask archangel Michael to assist in deeply clearing all negative energies. I ask my guardian angels to help purify my aura and reset me to my innocent state. I ask archangel Raphael to help with emotional healing and repatterning. I release lower energies that attract curse energy.

I feel the angels surrounding me as they awaken love and peace all around.

Andrea Dombecki

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