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Can you Accept Lasting Positive Change?

Updated: May 31, 2021

Self sabotage in life can be when you are unwilling to accept lasting positive change. For example you can be positive for a while but then your patterns of resentment, powerlessness, and fear kick in. Then we close ourselves off once again to the full goodness of life. Or you can manifest and be abundant for a while but then you start to feel: I don't really deserve this. Life can't always be this good.

Are you more comfortable in struggle? Is that what is familiar? Did you grow up in struggle? How is self sabotage affecting your life? Your happiness? Abundance? Success? Health? How can we create and accept permanent positive change in our lives?

This can can also show up as the inability to move on when things end. This is a big one. How can we move forward to new experiences, new loves, and new opportunities when we are so attached to what we have have lost? This is a powerful time to access where your energy is directed and how you really want to feel about your life. Be kind to yourself and be patient.

This really is a time for us to slow down and see our patterns in slow motion.

Step 1 Identify where you are stuck, then go deeper. How long have you been stuck?

Are you gaining something from it? You can look at your hidden feels about change. Do you feel worthy of good things?

Step 2 Decide that you are ready to move past this. Clear intention and alignment are power tools. Sat Yes! I am ready universe! I choose positive change NOW!

Step 3 Open your mind and heart to evolution. Evolution is exciting you were born to change and evolve you! The problems that you may be facing are meant to be solved. the dissatisfaction that you may be feeling with your life is there to pus you to bloom.

Be patient and keep going. Consistent commitment to personal evolution is invaluable.

Pray and meditate this is a powerful way for us to connect to a higher power.

Use Affirmations- a great way for you to reprogram your mind and emotions to feel good!

Read Self help books- Fill your mind with positive ideas!

Journal- writing things our helps us process!

Set goals- Take time to set your goals and get clear about what you want to see in your life!

Dig into Beliefs- these may be ideas that you have told yourself for a long time or things you inherited. Are they still beneficial?

Repattern your mind through EFT tapping, Breathwork, hypnosis, NLP.

Choose now to be ready for lasting positive change! You are worthy and your life is blessed!

Andrea Dombecki

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