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Living in the Overflow of Abundance

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Sometimes we try to get love, support, or money from people and situations that just can't give it to us. This leaves us feeling empty and tired. For example the loveless or needy family members or friends or the jobs that underpay us. Maybe we can't let go of the time or money that we have given away to others in the past. But beyond that we are always connected to the infinite source. If you see these outside channels as the only source you may experience burnout or bitterness.You may have a long list of offenses against life. Let us now choose to go of all that. Holding on to that will not create joy for us in the now.

Let's choose to embrace a higher perception of our reality. Let's connect with the universal source NOW. You can see this source as an orb of unlimited positive energy like a sun. Within it contains all the positive energy, abundance and nourishment that you could ever need. This means luck, money, health, satisfaction, love, fulfillment and nourishment. Feel connected to this universal sun of unlimited energy and receive as much as you need! You can feel it on a soul level, an energetic level or even see it in your mind's eye.

Think and feel: I am fully nourished. I am connected to universal source. Nothing stands in the way of me and the infinite source of all that is. I receive unlimited goodness from the universe now and forever! Hold your hands up and open. Open your crown and heart centers to receive from this universal source fully. Feel waves of energy coming into your being until you feel uplifted. As you receive let go of guilt, blame resentment, lack, fear, stress- I know that there is unlimited energy available for all of us. This is your personal connection to this energy and you are strengthening it. Let go of all beliefs of having to hold the world up.There is false belief that energy is limited and that we have to give ours away to heal the world- this is not true. This is old thinking.

Fill your own cup and live in the overflow of Abundance! The universe is inexhaustible! As we live from this unlimited flow we can share with the world in a balanced way while staying centered your own energetic nourishment. There is a magical over flow of abundance in the universe! Step into its shower now! by Andrea Dombecki

Andrea is a an angel healer, fairy Intuitive, author and artist.

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